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PC cheats (Windows)
NBA GM 2016 hack apk

NBA General Manager 2016 hack mod apk – NBA GM 16 cheats

We’re making cheats for few years and we know that you love NBA games. Now we released NBA GM 2016 hack mod apk beacuse we believe it worth it. This is one of the best managers for NBA, but prices of cash and coins are ho...

seven knights hack apk

Seven Knights hack mod apk – rubies, gold, keys

Are you a fan of RPG or MMO games? If your answer is ‘yes’ you probably now Seven Knights. There are a lot of recent games that was released a few days ago, but Seven Knights was alone that stood out amongst them. ...

Sniper X with Jason Statham hack mod apk

Sniper X with Jason Statham hack mod apk and tips – gold and cash

Almost every ‘mobile player’ knows Sniper X. Why? Because it’s really the best shooting game on android and iOS. And almost everybody knows Jason Statham, famous action movies actor. Today we have a combo: Jas...

Glee Forever hack mod apk

Glee Forever hack mod apk and tips – glee coins

Are you a fan of Glee? To be honest I’m not because I prefer stronger sounds like rock but the game is ok. There is no game like this. So we decided do install Glee Forever and check it out. It’s quite nice interfac...

KingsRoad hack mod apk

KingsRoad hack mod apk and tips – gems and gold glitch

KingsRoad – who doesn’t know this game. First it was only on PC and Facebook but from some time KingsRoad is available on android and iOS. When I installed it on my tablet I was shocked because of graphics, it’...

NHL Hockey Target Smash hack mod apk

NHL Hockey Target Smash hack mod apk and tips for NHL Smash

Do you like hockey? I’m from mountains and I love hockey and other winter sports. For long time there was no good hockey game, but new version of NHL Hockey Target Smash is really good. I thinks there is no such good hoc...

Trivia Crack Kingdoms ak apk

Trivia Crack Kingdoms hack mod apk and tips

Do you know Trivia? I’m sure you do. It’s faboulus social game connecting millions of players.  Trivia Crack Kingdoms will Challenge Your Knowledge and Friendships. But it’s not totally free unfortunately. Yo...

Love Rocks Shakira hack apk

Love Rocks Shakira hack mod apk and tips – coins and turns

Hi friends, but maybe I should tell Hi girls! As you noticed, from time to time we release some cheats for girls’ games and today we’re gonna do this again. What game? Love Rocks Shakira – new puzzle game in g...

Knights and Dragons hack mod apk

Knights & Dragons hack mod apk and tips

Probably you know Knights & Dragons – it’s not new game, but few days ago it has been updated with many nice changes. Almost all Knights & Dragons stopped to work so  we decided to release brand new Knigh...

king of thieves mod apk

King of Thieves hack mod apk and tips – orbs, gems, coins, keys

King of Thieves by ZeptoLab UK Limited may be the latest game through the makers on the Cut the Rope franchise that people have come to know and love. King of Thieves is a faboulus game but we need to collect to many items to ...